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Paying online with automatic payments set up

  • You will never fall behind on a payment again

  • If the bin is not cleaned, you are not charged

  • You are only charged for bins that are cleaned

  • 100% safe error proof transactions

  • Both direct debit and card payment accepted for automatic payments

  • We will reverse any payment you do not agree with within 60 days

  • Your are protected by the direct debit guarantee scheme by your bank.

  • You are always in control of your payments

  • If you owe any money, our system will automatically clear any pending amount

  • A mandate direct debit available upon request with gocardless.


Click set up to pay

Terms and

By clicking "pay"  you are agreeing for Enviroclean to create an automatic payment account for you and conduct automatic payments via off session card payments or direct debit for your wheelie bin cleaning account. You are protected by our safeguard scheme in which you can reverse any payment regardless with in 60 days of the transaction by emailing us, this is part of our terms and conditions. Customers who set up direct debit will have payments processed the 1st of every month, if this bin is not cleaned this is refunded back to you automatically. All payments will be processed by stripe or gocardless and VAT of 49p will be added to each bin clean per month (£3.99 per bin)

You are protected by the direct debit guarantee scheme provided by your bank. A mandate direct debit can be created with us by filling out the " book now form" in which we will send you a link should you wish to do so.

You are not charged if the bin is not cleaned. Your billing address must match your home address where the service is to be carried out, unless you instruct us otherwise, cleaning will commence at your billing address as well.

Set up my automatic payment account by clicking set up below. This will automatically clear any pending amount on your bin cleaning account. Its fast and easy to set up. You are always in control of your payments

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