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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully 


All customers are to pay online using our automatic payment method. The customer agrees that 49p VAT is to be added to each single bin clean


All cancellations must be in writing by email to us. Customers who wish to cancel must receive the minimum of 6 cleans over a 6 month period, if 6 cleans are not reached with in 6 months, cancellation cannot occur until the 6th clean is completed. Customers must email to notify us of their intentions  to cancel. Any pending amount on the customers bin cleaning account must be paid with in 14 days of the cancellation date to avoid additional charges (see additional charges terms below)

Payment not

Upon registering the sign up form, if payment is not received with in 60 days a written invoice is posted to the customer, if payment is still not received with in 14 days of this letter (74 days total) additional charges will apply (see additional charges term below)

Payment card issues

If the customer has a card issue with their account, we will email them and phone them on the details provided by the customer, if the customer does not update their payment method we will then write to them. If payment is still not made and an additional letter is sent we will explain that additional charges will now occur (see additional charges term below)

Additional charges

In the case of new customers, additional charges will occur when invoices are not paid, the additional charges will begin on the date the payment was due and the service paused, if this was the customers first clean it will be on the date the first clean was completed.


In the case of an existing customer,  additional charges will incur from the date your account was temporally frozen due to no payment, we will first write to you via letter informing of our intentions to apply these additional charges, if payment is not made after this we will apply the additional charges.

In the case of card issues, we will notify you by email and phone. If payment is still not made we will write to you via letter notifying you account is disabled due to a card issue, if payment is still not made, another letter will be posted to you with in 30 days of our intentions to apply these additional charges..

If payment is still not made after receiving a notification of additional charges letter, small claims court will be involved to retrieve payments.

All additional charges are calculated using

If any other third party services need to be incorporated to obtain further details from the customer, such as " INFORMATION RECORDS" these charges will be counter claimed off the customer. The customer agrees to pay a £150 administrative day fee should the claim go to a small claims court.

Not happy with bin clean

If the customer is not happy with the bin clean and the results are not desirable, the customer agrees to send a picture of us showing the front and inside of the bin with in 24 hours of receiving the bin clean. The customer then agrees that we can then arrange a date for either the bin to be re-cleaned or we will issue you a refund for that bin cleaning cycle. Any complaint past 24 hours will void any refund or re-clean.

Cleaning frequency

The customer agrees to have their wheelie bins cleaned on a monthly basis, a missed bin clean will not be charged. If the bin is periodically not available we will contact the customer to inform them that the bin cleaning may be terminated if the bin is not frequently left out for cleaning.


Your billing address must match your booking form unless you inform us otherwise. If you put the wrong address as your billing address, the service will be carried out at the billing address as well.  Enviroclean is not liable if you make the mistake of putting the wrong address as a billing address which is intended for the booking address. You can let us know if you want to use another billing address for a booking address by in writing by email. 

No one off cleans

We strictly do not offer a one off clean service. Enviroclean typically make a loss on the first clean and will not be liable if a customer over looks our terms and conditions, it is clearly stated that our services are minimum of 6 months on the booking form,. All customers are protected by the consumer rights act where they have the right to a 14 day cooling off period providing that the service has not yet been carried out.


By filling out our booking form, you are agreeing and consenting that Enviroclean will commence cleaning as early as possible and that all terms with in the terms and conditions are to be complied with by the customer. A welcome email with a payment link will be provided to the customer as proof of acknowledgement by Enviroclean.

Driver & staff report

Do you have a complaint about one of our drivers or other member of staff? Or do you feel there is something Enviroclean management should know? We take all complaints very seriously. Please click the "form tab" located below and fill out a report and we will investigate the issue.  We depend on customers to be our eyes and ears and let us know if something is not right. Thank you for your time.

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